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Richard's Response

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I will admit that when I first looked at the video I looked at it as myself in the duet and not as the choreographer. I was too close to the feelings of having created it. I have now had the time to step back and reflect, as EVERY artist must do once a piece of art is created. I take myself out of the picture and try to see it from the audience’s point of view as well as the creator’s in order to critique the work.

Reaching Out

Richard was given the task of choreographing his response to my choreography on video, create his own phrase work with the tasks I outlined AND also to edit. (He told me quite honestly that his editing skills were much better than mine and to that I agree completely.)

I would be very curious to what went on his part of the creation and hope that one day he will share his response, perhaps even on this blog. He is a dance artist in his own right.

I also want to take the opportunity to apologize to him. When I first saw the completed video I told him “he looked lost.” I think it was me who was lost. The digital is no replacement for actually being there in person. I hold on to that fact/concept as the most important outcome of this pandemic. I need to be with people in the same space, the same time, the same dimension to be fully human.

Hands Behind the Back

I share with you stills taken from the video to point out the complexity of the video creation.

Hand Kiss

Facing Each Other

I close this blog writing that "Touch" was accepted into and recently shown in the 5X5 Dance Festival. I will release it to the public this week and look forward to your response.

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