Educating Audiences

Lectures, Demonstrations and Other Activities

Educating audiences is just as important as teaching the dancers. I provide pre- and post-show talks, panel discussions and lectures, often in collaboration with professors who have educated me while researching a project. I have presented with Professor Sean Cocco (Trinity College), MaryAlice Curran (University of Saint Joseph), Eric Dahlin (Hartford Symphony Orchestra) and Erik Grimmer-Solem (Wesleyan).


With over 40 dances to choose from, many can be altered for group size and capability. Possibilities included but not limited to: Fire or Duet (a 7 minute duet), Random XY (a group piece for 6 or 12 to the music of David Heath) and Rituals, Reverence and Confessions (a group piece of any size with original music by composer Michael Wall).

Water Wars/Water Wonder

H2O and Dance integration for grades 3-8

Students learn and create hand in hand about water molecules, the water cycle, water conservation and the properties of water on the Big Blue Planet.

The Myth of Poseidon: Literature and Dance

Arts Integration for grades K-12

Born out of my research for The Odyssey, this integration program tackles the mythology of Poseidon, Odysseus and what it means to be human.

Turning the Triangle: Geometry and Dance

Arts Integration for grades 3-5

Inspired by my research of Leonardo da Vinci, Turning the Triangle provides teachers and students with a unique opportunity to learn about triangles and present their findings through dance.

Floor Barre/Conditioning

Abs, Alignment, Strength and Stretch

I learned Floor Barre from Douglas Boulivar who was Zena Rommett's protege. It is an amazing tool for the injured dancer and the dancer who wants to focus on alignment. I later went on to study Pilates and  received my certification from Stott. It's amazing how these methods cross train dancers. 

Technique and Versitility

Sonia Plumb Dance Technique

A friend once asked me "what is technique?" To me, technique is the in-depth study of a specific movement style that only when practiced for years can reveal the subtleties. My technique incorporates the lines of ballet with the breath and weight of Humphrey/Limon and the anything goes attitude inspired by numerous workshops with Mark Morris and Pilobolus. 

Tools for the Creative Voice

Improvisation, Collaboration and Choreography

There is amazing discovery in improvisational work, both for the dancer as a body and the choreographer as an artist. Collaborative work is another route for creativity with which many voices have input into the final product.

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