Cory Gabel, Composer

Avon, CT

I first collaborated with Cory on Water Wars (2012), for The Moon (2014), and then again for The Odyssey (2015).  Cory is a talented musician and composer. He is sensitive to rhythms, style and nuance and gives each project more than 100%. I like to put on the music he created for my projects just for fun.

Michael Wall, Composer

Salt Lake City, Utah

I had been using Mike's music for my dance classes for years. After he helped me with Privacy Settings (2014) I reached out to him to compose for The Dance of da Vinci (2018). We worked together remotely via phone and cyber world. I have never met him face to face and am not even sure what he looks like. He composed two original vocal works for this piece - Sarcophagus and War Machines. Mike's voice can be heard in Elephants. We are working together on Dance of da Vinci 2.0. 

Daniel Salazar, Spanish Classical Guitarist, Musician, Composer

Hartford, CT

Daniel is a colleague of mine at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. We rarely cross paths and I had never even heard his music until we met at the 2015 National Artists Teaching Fellowship convening in Boston  When I heard his presentation I said "We must do something together!" He is a world renowned Spanish classical guitarist and Director of Guitar Under the Starts which is absolutely amazing. I was thrilled to have live musicians on stage as I danced in Fire or Ice (2016).

David Regan, Mask Maker, Puppetteer, Set Design, Props

North Hampton, MA

I was introduced to David when I did choreography for Capital Classics Shakespeare. I then discovered he was multi-talented. He first created shadow play and my very own light up moon for The Moon (2013). I asked him to work with me on The Odyssey (2015) knowing I wanted to add props and masks to the dance. His imagination took the dance to a whole new place, literally. Watching him create the masks was a treat and a pleasure.

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